Aug 17: The Plus Ones: Forget boring workouts

Forget boring workouts. Bodhi & Ride is notorious for their unique spin class popups at unexpected locations around Melbourne. The latest popup was at Kingpin Bowling in the laser tag room, and it was nothing short of exhilarating.

Envision a room full of you and your friends, there isn’t any light except for the coloured laser beams bouncing across the walls, music is pumping, your heart is racing, and your legs are wildling dancing to the beat – up and down on a stationary bike.  That pretty much sums up the Bodhi & Ride popup experience.

It’s akin to being in a nightclub – music, lights, sweat – minus the stumbling drunk bimbos and sticky cocktails getting spilled on your shoes. Consider the fitness aspect of a spin class and the fact that it’s not three in the morning, and you’ll realise it’s actually BETTER than a nightclub!

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