Introducing our first challenge for this new decade, Back to School (which is for every-body, not just students) 


RIDE into a new decade, and make it count!

Starts 28th January 2020 for 3 or 4 weeks (you choose)



School is in session for 2020, it’s time to level up, NO excuses and NO cutting class. Here at Bodhi & Ride,  we are furthering your education on and off the bike.




What’s Included: 


  • You need to complete at least 15 RIDES in 21 days or 20 RIDES in 28 Days. (You choose your challenge)


  • Track your progress and goals with your own challenge tracker card as well as a leader board at each studio. Compulsory.


  • Get exclusive access to ‘Moves to Master’: A collection of fundamental moves on the bike to master each week and understand the science behind what we do. ‘Ride Geography’ if you will.  Not compulsory.


  • Receive an exclusive weekly email with recipes, motivation, recovery hints, and tips from our team etc. Each week there will be 3 x extra tasks in that email that you’ll need to complete as part of the challenge. Don’t worry, these tasks will be fun and easy to complete. Eg:  20 mins of meditation, using heavier weights in a class, trying an at-home arm workout, cooked dinner from our meal plan, …. Essentially this is your homework, and we want you to complete as many tasks as we’ve given you. Compulsory.


  • Exclusive access to an Orientation Ride, which is perfect for our new RIDERS, or those who have done less than 10 RIDES so far. We’re offering this to all of our Challengers on a 1:1 basis. This Orientation RIDE will take no more than 20 minutes and we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you, and us, to schedule these. Not compulsory.


  • Final Exam Ride: Roll call, RIDE and the instructor gives everyone a final assessment on what they can improve on and what they nailed. Compulsory.


  • End of School Report: Results from leader board and exam ride. What you’ve nailed, where you can improve, final tips or tricks. Compulsory.


  • Exclusive access to membership discount and perks at the end of the Challenge.


Let’s RIDE back to school, Bodhi Tribe!


Option 1: Distinction

Option 2: High Distinction

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Back to School starts on 28th January 2020.


  • You can choose your level of commitment. Distinction = 15 RIDES in 21 days, or High Distinction = 20 RIDES in 28 days.


  • Distinction entry fee $290 for 15 RIDES in 21 days.


  • High Distinction Entry fee $320 for 20 RIDES in 28 days.


  • You can buy top up classes during the challenge for $15 each


  • You will also receive 1 x Guest pass to bring along a friend during the Challenge to RIDE for free.


1. When does the Back to School Challenge begin?

The Back to School Challenge will take place across all 3 Bodhi & Ride studios from the 28th January and will run for 21 or 28 days, depending on what level of Challenge you choose.


2. How many RIDE classes can/must I complete?

You need to complete at least 15 RIDES if you choose the 21 day challenge, or 20 RIDES if you choose the 28 day challenge.


3. Why is this Challenge called ‘Back to School’? Is it just for students?

Absolutely not. The challenge is open to all of our Tribe members and not at all just for students. We’ve chosen the name ‘Back to School’ to coincide with the end of the summer holidays, and for a bit of cheeky fun (you’ll find out what we mean).


4. Can I join the Back too School Challenge if I’m on an existing membership? 

All memberships/packs will be paused for the duration of the Back to School Challenge. Once complete, your current membership/packs will resume.



5. How do I pay? Do I need to suspend my membership or will you do it?

To join our Back to School Challenge, each participant must purchase one of the 2 x Back to School options which we have for sale.

Starting from 28th January, we will manually pause everyone’s memberships. We will resume these the day after the challenge ends.

This means you will not miss out on any rides, nor waste any money. It also ensures you are able to ride in the lead up to the challenge launch on 18th January, as well as straight after the challenge has finished.


6. I have a ride pack that is going to expire. What do I do?

If you have existing RIDE credits, we will extend the validity of these by 21 or 28 days.  We want to encourage you to join the challenge, not penalise you and take your paid rides away!


7. I’m already on a membership. Do I still need to sign up for the Back to School pack?

Yes. All participants, regardless of their membership need to purchase the challenge through the Bodhi & Ride system. This ensures you have access to all aspects of the challenge. It also ensures you get a great deal!



8. So you’ll suspend my membership for 21 or 28 days. How does that work? 

That is correct. We will suspend your membership for the duration of the challenge, and will resume on the last day of the challenge.


9. What are the Challenge Tracker cards? 

At the start of the challenge there will be a Challenge Tracker card available for you at each studio. You will need to use this card to keep track of your ‘homework’ and make sure you complete all the components of the challenge.


10. I’m away for some of the dates of the Challenge. Can I still participate? 

We are unable to extend or change the dates of the Back to School challenge. You can still participate, but please keep in mind that you need to meet the criteria of the challenge to successfully complete this Challenge, which is to complete at least 15 RIDES in 21 days or 20 RIDES in 28 Days.


11. What happens when I book in, but don’t show up to class? 

You’ll lose that class credit, sorry. No re-bookings and no transfers of class credits to others are possible, sorry. You need to cancel out at least 6 hours before a class starts to retain that class credit. If you miss a class, you need to purchase an additional RIDE credit to get your full target of RIDES under your belt. Additional RIDE credits can be purchased for $15 each.



12. What happens if I am unable to complete the challenge due to personal issues (injury, work, family commitments etc)? 

The Back To School Challenge is a strictly limited offering, and we are unable to extend it in any way. We do not offer refunds in case you change your mind after purchasing it.


13. I’m a new RIDER. Can I participate in this Challenge?

Yes, absolutely. We have created  a specific program called ‘Moves to Master’, which will be perfect for our new and existing RIDERS, as it will give you a full run-down of all the moves, and the science behind them, and why RIDING at Bodhi & Ride will make you fit.


14. What are the weekly Homework emails? 

When you sign up for the Back to School Challenge, you will receive a weekly Homework email which is exclusive to Challenge participants only. In this email you will get weekly tasks that you’ll need to complete as part of your challenge.


15. What Is the Orientation RIDE? 

This is an optional 1:1 session we are offering to all challenge participants to make sure they know everything there is to know about RIDING with us. This is totally optional, but what we will do is offer this to everybody who signs up. How does it work: we will schedule a convenient time for you and us to meet up at one of our 3 studios on a 1:1 basis. We will then spend about 20-30 minutes to make sure you know everything about how to set up your bike, how to clip in, how to use resistance, and how to RIDE on the beat. Plus, we’ll answer any questions that you may have. It’s your VIP into to what we do.


16. What is the final EXAM RIDE? 

We will organise an exclusive RIDE for all challenge participants at the end of the challenge. This is an optional RIDE but we’d hate you to miss out.


17. What is the end of school report? 

This will be issued to you upon completion of the challenge.


18. How do you purchase the top up RIDE credits? 

Easy. Just email us at ellie@bodhiandride.com.au and we’ll add it to your account. You need to have your credit card saved online. Just a reminder that top-up credits are $15 per class, and you can use them to bring along friends too (or use for yourself).


19. More questions? 

Please email us at ellie@bodhiandride.com.au