Bodhi and Ride @ Home

Bodhi & Ride @ Home

Rent a Bike & sign up for Bodhi & Ride @ Home

Bodhi & Ride is thrilled to announce it has commenced its pilot program ‘Bodhi & Ride @ Home’, which lets its members riding Bodhi & Ride classes from the comfort of their homes. 

With many members focused on ‘socially distancing’ from one another, the time to launch an in-home service seemed right, which is why we have invited our most loyal and longest-standing members to take part in this program.


How does it work: 

We deliver a Bodhi & Ride spin bike to your home, in addition to your selection of hand weights, and your correctly sized cycle shoes. One of our team will deliver the bike into your living room and ensure they are expertly set up, cleaned and sanitised. 

All Pilot participants will be invited to join a private Facebook group, where we’ll upload Bodhi & Ride classes from Monday 23rd March. We will also offering streaming of live classes soon. 

Bodhi @ Home  participants will get exclusive access to Bodhi & Ride content, non – Bodhi content from its community, as well as curated playlists and most of all: motivation!

Each participant has to commit to a regular check-in, participate in the community, as well as provide feedback on this  to help us shape the future of Bodhi @ Home. 

Bikes are in the process of being delivered to our pilot participant’s homes, and unfortunately there are no more bikes available.

You can still take part in Bodhi @ Home if you have your own bike. More info here:

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