Channel 9 are losing their minds over a nightclub fitness class

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BY KATIE CUNNINGHAM 20 September 2016

Melbourne’s Bond Nightclub might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think “health and fitness,” but Australia’s newest exercise class is out to change that.

As of last week, you can head to one of Melbourne’s ritziest nightspots at lunchtime on a Monday to move your body under the lights, while a DJ works hard behind the decks. Only it’s not to party – it’s for a spin class.

 As Channel 9 news describe it in a segment that we highly endorse watching, self-described wellness concept Bodhi & Ride is “midweek clubbing minus the stilettos and headache”, that pumps out “the latest club tracks” while attendees cycle furiously on stationary bikes.

“People are yelling, people are cheering. You’ve got that nightclub vibe. But it’s at 12 o’clock during the day!” instructor Alaina McCurry enthuses. Almost as good as the real thing, right?

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