Reviewing a fitness class is probably not something I would normally do. As one whose fitness regime involves an occasional casual run around the Tan and a few pilates classes during the week, I wouldn’t say I’m a walking example of #fitspo. But the opportunity to check out one of Melbourne’s hottest new wellness studios piqued my interest and after finding a willing and able plus one, I put my hand up to try a class.

Bodhi & Ride is a new premium boutique wellness studio to hit Melbourne and gives an innovative twist in its classes and approach to catering for busy individuals looking to improve their fitness and wellness. It features three wellness zones where you can challenge yourself physically or replenish yourself mentally. The high-intensityRide class in the custom built Spin Chamber, or the modern Flow yoga classes in the light-filled Yoga loft are ways to challenge yourself physically. Or if inner calm is what you want to achieve, then you take a guided meditation class in the Unplug pod. Whichever you choose, the experience will leave you better than when you walked in.

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