One of the best hard-hitting workouts you can fit in your lunchtime | June 28 2019


Whether you’re a corporate tycoon, an everyday hustler or simply time-poor at the very best of times, there has never been a better time to put fitness and wellbeing at the top of your ‘to-do’ list.

But with time often the biggest excuse to not working up a sweat, here is a list of the best CBD-based fitness gyms and studios guaranteed to hit that heart rate peak and have you back at the desk before lunch is over.

Bodhi & Ride


Boutique lifestyle studio Bodhi & Ride offers an intense, whole-body workout, adding elements from a traditional spin class that transform the cardio experience into one that is fun and addictive.

With every session, Bodhi & Ride will have riders burning between 400-600 calories in each 45-minute class.

A new wave of ‘fit-ainment’ exercising, Bodhi & Ride will drag time-poor corporates away from their desks and onto the bike – and believe me, you will be up and moving.

The signature Ride45 class involves high intensity cardio tracks that provide a challenging HIIT workout that will get you sweating.

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