Flow, Ride, Unplug: The Bodhi & Ride Experience.

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Music is Blaring, lights are flashing and my heart is racing as I stand up and start a 30 second sprint on a spin bike in sync with 15 other silhouettes around me. I’m in the zone.

My fitness is being put to the test against the beat of deep house tracks that has me digging deep and searching for more energy as I try to keep up. I’m sweating, breathing heavily, and screwing my face up, but I don’t care. It’s dark and no one else can see how hard I’m pushing, only the incredible and motivating Ride instructor Catherine who is somehow able to yell words of motivation while working harder than anyone in the room. I take it as a challenge and turn up the resistance on the bike. This see-saw of slower, heavy resistance cycling, and faster, lighter segments continues throughout the 45 minute session, and by the end, I feel different, I’m absolutely wrecked, but have this weird zen about me. I’m not sure if it was the dark, electric atmosphere that worked as some form of exercise meditation, but I feel focused and alert, with a little bit of jelly legs. Read more http://www.sweatr.com/bodhiandride/

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