Melbourne’s Best Workouts to Try Right Now (May 2017)


This ‘aint your traditional cycling class. I haven’t done one of the infamous Soul Cycle classes that everyone’s going crazy about in the US, but I imagine Bodhi & Ride is as close to that as you’re going to get in Australia.

You get allocated a numbered bike and find your seat inside what they call the “chamber”, a small, dark room with neon lighting. Once that chamber door shuts there is no escaping. Vibrant beats pump out of the speakers and the instructor yells motivational cues through the microphone as you push those legs, but what makes this class different, is that there are arm exercises thrown in there as well. The instructor will tell you when she wants you to do push-ups on the handlebars or pick up a set of weights and do shoulder presses as you cycle. It takes a bit of coordination, but it really gives you a full body workout.

Bodhi & Ride | 416/418 Bay St, Port Melbourne | $175 for a month of unlimited classes

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