Bodhi & Ride Memberships

If you are signed up, or will be signing up to one of our Memberships, please read the details below.


Class Access

  • If you sign up to a unlimited membership, you can book into an unlimited amount of classes on our studio schedule.
  • If you are on a class-per-week membership, you can book into the agreed classes per week.
  • If you are on a class-per-month membership, you can book into the agreed classes per week.


Class Cancellation

  • You need to cancel out of a class 6 hours prior to class start time regardless of which membership you are on.
  • You need to cancel out of a class by logging into your account online and cancelling out. We can not accept cancellations via social media, text message or phone.


No Shows & Late Cancellations

  • For unlimited memberships, a $10 per class no-show fee will be charged if you cancel late or no-show to classes booked.
  • If you are on a class-per-week or class-per-month membership and you cancel late or don’t show, you will forfeit your class credit.



  • You agree to payment for the full term of weeks. Memberships can not be cancelled early or transferred to other members.
  • Billing: You are billed weekly or monthly by direct debit or credit card. A valid card needs to be on file. If your card payment fails you will be charged a $10 fee for each failed transaction.


Start Date

  • Commencement Date: The membership starts on the day of purchase, not on first class booked.
  • Exclusions: Excludes workshops and events held at Bodhi & Ride or at outside venues.


Cancelling Membership


Changing Your Membership

  • You can change your membership by emailing
  • We need 5 days notice to action this and you can only switch memberships once.


Suspending Memberships

  • You can suspend your membership for a max of  2 x weeks every 3 x months if you are away, unwell or busy at work.
  • To suspend a membership you need to fill in this form and submit it. Please allow 5 days for processing.
  • Suspensions do not count towards the 2 x week notice period required for membership cancellations: ie you cant suspend your payments, and then email to say we should cancel the memberships all together. To cancel, 2 x weeks payments are required prior to cancellations.