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As a bit of a fitness fiend and wellness advocate, I’m always looking for new trends in terms of classes, restaurants, challenges and adventures to dip my toe into. From bikram to biking, running to rock climbing, I’m the first to say (nay, shout) yes to anything that can test my physical and mental limits. So when a workmate said ‘you’ll love this new fitness studio!’ I didn’t hesitate to get involved.

Welcome to Bodhi and Ride, Melbourne’s first premium wellness studio, designed to offer a total mind and body experience with the offering of cycle, yoga and meditation. Standing on a Port Melbourne corner street, I’m drawn to the space by a bike plonked in the middle of the pathway.  I’m visiting on a steaming hot February evening to put my paces through one of the beat based ride classes in the Spin Chamber; a 45 minute session that promises to integrate my whole body with a DJ sampled playlist and incorporated handweights.

I meet with owner and creator, Michaela Felner, who has delivered Bodhi and Ride as an outlet for her passion for fitness, and hopes the studio will be a destination for likeminded people to integrate their enthusiasm for exercise, wellness, relaxation and community, all in one beautifully designed space.

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