Challenge your body, Enlighten your mind – This is Bodhi & Ride. Conveniently Located in Port Melbourne, Melbourne’s CBD and South Yarra, Bodhi & Ride are boutique wellness studios providing a modern and innovative twist to wellbeing. A revolution in the Australian boutique fitness industry combining immersion in a nightclub environment with fitness for a whole body and mind experience. A typical Ride class burns 400-600 calories: high-tech bikes, nightclub lighting and music intensity, 45 minutes DJ-sampled music providing cardio and weight training for upper and lower body. We offer high intensity cardio workouts, interspersed with periods of mindfulness and upper body training.

Come and RIDE with us.

Why Ride?

Bodhi and ride

Our RIDE class is where everything becomes possible, where you push through the “I can’ts” and ‘I won’ts’.You workout faster, more intense, sweat dripping, zone out, quiet down. This is what transformation looks like. This is what a full body and mind workout becomes reality. Where you become the best version of yourself.


Our RIDE method is based on Science and efficiency – this is not a fitness trend:

We work at higher intensity, but for shorter periods. Our class structure is based on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) where you give one hundred percent through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. In a RIDE class, you will burn between 250 – 600 calories. Because we offer full-body workouts, you will tone muscles and shred fat. Your metabolism will increase and  thanks to the after-burn effect, you’ll keep burning fat even when you’re in the car on your way home. The Magic happens when the doors close, lights dim, and music turns up. When we all stop and close our eyes, and take a deep breath. When we set an intention for the RIDE ahead. There’s a palpable energy in the room that pushes you further. It’s the soul, body, mind combination that we bring to you. You’ll feel supported, not just by our team, but also by our community. HIIT stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. Our bad-ass tunes and thumping bass pushes you to ride and work harder than you ever thought possible. The signature LED lit studios to enable you to lose yourself in the primal endorphin rush. You’ll leave feeling less stressed, happier and with a great sense of achievement. Come and RIDE with us.

Your First Ride

Bodhi and ride

Get ready to be welcomed with open arms by the friendliest team of instructors. Here’s what you need to know for your first class.


View our class schedules
We recommend booking into class early due to the limited availability.

You can view the schedule for each studio here:

South Yarra

Port Melbourne

Melbourne CBD 


Booking a class

The Bodhi Website is the best way to book classes, manage bike spots and make purchases, or even better you should download our mobile app which lets you view our class schedule, buy class credits and book into classes.

To view the website click here 

To download our IOS app, click here 

To download the Android app, click here 


To book yourself into a RIDE class: 

  • you need to create an account on our site or app. No account, no RIDE. Please create an account before you get to the studio. You can create an account here 
  • Once you have an account, you can purchase class credits, class packs or memberships online.
  • With a class credit, you can then select a class, and book in online.


What to bring 

  • Workout clothes: wear comfortable workout clothes and make sure you bring a change of clothes if you are taking a shower after class.
  • Water: drinks lots of water before the class and BYO water bottle, or you can purchase water at the studio. Good hydration is key to any workout. There’s a water bottle holder on each bike.
  • Sweat towel: you’re going to get sweaty in our classes, we recommend bringing a towel along or you can hire towels for $0.50.


Bike Shoes
No need to bring your bike shoes to class, we’ve got you covered with cleated shoes in the studio ready for you. Or you can BYO, but please make sure they are SPC MTB compatible.


Feel free to use our lockers, there are enough for everyone. Lock your belongings away so you can set, forget and enjoy your ride.


Class check-in starts 15 minutes before each class. Give yourself enough time to arrive, check in and feel settled and ready for class. You won’t be allowed to enter the ride chamber once the class start.


No Phone in Class Policy
We absolutely do not allow mobile phones inside the studio. This is the time to zone-out and disconnect from your text messages and Insta-obsession.


Cancellation Policy 
Due to limited bikes and to ensure clients don’t miss out a 6-hour cancellation policy applies to all Bodhi & Ride classes. Bookings must be cancelled through the online booking system 6 hours prior to class to avoid a $10 late-cancellation/no-show fee for unlimited memberships or the deduction of a class for class pass memberships. The full policy is set out in the T&C’s.


Have Fun
Our vibe is all about creating a positive state of mind. It is a lifestyle, where we sweat, have fun, challenge ourselves and create friendships. We can’t wait to share the Bodhi experience with you!

Class Types

Bodhi and ride

RHYTHM RIDE Level 1 (45 MIN)

The perfect RIDE class to start building up your cardio fitness, this Level 1 RIDE is designed for our new RIDERS or those seeking a gradual way to improve their strength.
We recommend that all new RIDERS complete a minimum of five Level 1 RIDES in order to familarise themselves with our RIDE training method, basic principles and to build up their cardio fitness.
We’ll cover some of the basics at the start of each class, and we’ll work up a sweat quickly in a fun and non-intimidating way.


RHYTHM RIDE Level 2 (45 MIN)

Turn up the resistance, fire up your core, and grab your weights. This is our Level 2 RHYTHM RIDE class with additional weighted sectors that will sculpt your upper body, build your strength, and take you to the next level. For advanced RIDERS, RHYTHM RIDE Level 2 is where our RHYTHM RIDE Method really comes to life.




Our EXPRESS option. It’s a RIDE45 class, which is slightly shorter but no less intense with a shorter cool down at the end of the class.


RIDE & YOGA (50 min)
25 mins on the bike followed by 25 mins on the yoga mat. This is where we combine the BODHI (Yin) with the RIDE (Yang). Perfect for the time poor who want to get the best of both worlds. Suitable for all levels of RIDERS.


RIDE 60(60 min) 

This is a RIDE class on steroids. We’ll give you 15 extra minutes to MAX out your RIDE. You’ll leave with more inspiration, more sweat, and totally maxed-out physically and mentally.



We bring the (themed) party energy both on and off the bike. A good theme ride involves an awesome play list — think certain decades, movie soundtracks or artist battles. Every (theme) ride is a party and we like to keep things fresh. Check our schedule to see what’s theme rides we’re bringing to life this week.



Take your ride to the next level with your very own personal trainer. With accommodations ranging from one bike to all thirty-six, you can reserve the studio for corporate team building, bridal and birthday parties, or just for you. Expand on our signature class, customize your class down to the last detail.

Before Class

Bodhi and ride

Please pre-book your bike. Go to bodhiandride.com.au and buy a class pack or series, and book your bike online.


If you cant attend the class, you need to cancel out at least 6 hours before the class by logging into your online account and cancelling yourself out. We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked.


Please arrive at least 15 min before each class. We sometimes lock the doors to our studio, so if you are arriving late, you may not be able to enter the studio.


When you arrive at the studio, please ‘check in’. You’ll see a printout of the class list and your name and bike number listed. Tell us if you have any medical issues we should be aware of.


You can store your belongings in lockers we have at the studio.

During Class

We’ll help you set up your bike each. Don’t hesitate to ask us to help if you are unsure about the correct way to set up your bike.


Drinks lots of water before the class and BYO water bottle, or you can purchase water at the studio. Good hydration is key to any workout. There’s a water bottle holder on each bike.


Wear comfortable workout clothes and make sure you bring a change of clothes if you are taking a shower after class.


We provide cleated shoes to wear during class. You can byo, but please make sure they are SPC MTB compatible.


There are earplugs available at the front desk.


We absolutely do not allow mobile phones inside the studio. This is the time to zone-out and disconnect from your text messages and insta–obsession.

After Class

Bodhi and ride

Each class finishes with a 3 minute cool down and stretch. Once you are done, we ask that you drop the shoes and towels into our collection bins.


Drink lots and lots of water after each class. Avoid sugary drinks and stay clear of coffee and tea for a while.


Take a pic with your instructor, post it and tag us @bodhiandride. We award the top post each month with a free class.


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