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Welcome Offer

New to Bodhi & Ride, but keen to see what all the hype is about?

Our Welcome To The Tribe Offer is the best way to experience our energetic RIDE classes. It allows you to try 3 x RIDES within 15 days, across any of our 3 x studios, PLUS get lots of additional perks to help you get started.



Grab our WELCOME TO THE TRIBE Offer which is perfect for our new Riders.  

Just $79 + perks 


You get: 

  • Access to any 3 x RIDE classes (Valued at $87) We recommend you start with All Level classes as they are ideal for our new RIDERS, but can book into any class on the schedule with this offer across all 3 x of our studios. 

​+ additional perks included: 

  • Free cleated shoe hire and sweat towel hire for each class. 
  • A tour of our studios. 
  • One-to-one orientation session on how to set up your bike, how to clip and out, how to use and feel resistance, and how to RIDE on the beat. This is an optional session with one of our instructors, but one we highly recommend as it will also provide you with an opportunity to ask any question you may have. Takes about 20-30minutes. 
  • 10% off the first membership payment (does not include student membership) after completing the Welcome Offer, or
  • 10% off your first 10-RIDE pack purchase after completing the Welcome Offer. 
  • Free Buddy RIDE to bring along a friend to one of your 3 x classes. 



  • You can only purchase this offer once.
  • You need to be a new customer to be eligible for this offer.
  • Not transferable to other Riders. You need to use all 3 x RIDE credits for yourself.
  • Activates of your first class booked.
  • You need to activate your first class within 30 days of purchase.
  • All classes need to be used within 15 days from the 1stclass booked.
  • Offer available for local residents only. International or interstate guests, please book a casual class pack.
  • Buddy RIDE can only be used by another RIDER attending the same class as you. Buddy needs to create an account online before attending the class.

Monthly Memberships

Ready to make RIDE part of your fitness routine? To commit to improving your cardio fitness, muscle strength, stamina and general outlook on life? Then check out our memberships! Commit for 6 months minimum, pay a monthly fee for a set number of rides and experience the difference!

Please check the Bodhi & Ride membership T&C’s here 



6 Rides per month; 6 month min commitment
$144 per month


8 Rides per month; 6 month min commitment
$190 per month


1 Ride per day; 6 month min commitment
$259 per month


10 Rides per month; selected classes only

6 month minimum commitment

$169 per month

Casual Class Packs

Scared of commitment? Choose any of our casual class packs which are valid across all 3 studios.


Single RIDE $33

One ride. Make it count!

Valid for 30 days. 

3 RIDE Pack $87 ($29 per class)

All good things come in 3’s, right?

Valid for 30 days. 

5 RIDE Pack, $135 ($27 per Ride)

Nice move considering this pack! 

Valid for 60 days.

10 Ride Pack $260 ($26 per ride)

A 10 pack? Damn you know what you want! 

Valid for 90 days. 

Student and Teen Offers

Being a student is hard, we get it. So we’ve got a price just for you! Single Ride or Membership, we’ve got your back as you hit the books. To qualify for out Student Class Rate, you need to be a full time student at a Melbourne high school, TAFE or study an undergraduate or post graduate degree at a Melbourne College or University. We will require proof of enrolment.


Single Ride $25

This ride is valid for 30 days from day of purchase. You can use this credit for any class at any of our studios. 

Student Memberships 2020

There are 2 x options for you in 2020 to join our Membership program.

How long can you commit for?

Option 1: 10 Rides every 28 days + exclusive perks for $199. Minimum commitment required is 3 x months


Option 2: 10 Rides every 28 days + exclusive perks for $185. Minimum commitment required is 6 x months


With both options you get the following: 

  • Book into 10 X RIDE classes every 28 days.
  • You can purchase top-up RIDE credit for $20 each.
  • You can book into any class at all 3 studios.
  • You get invited an exclusive invitation to our monthly VIP Student Tribe RIDE held at our CBD studio during term times.
  • You get 10% off our in-studio and online merchandise.
  • You receive free shoe hire and free sweat towel hire.
  • A $50 joining fee is required at the commencement of your membership. This will be used as a credit towards your final membership payment.

Our next Challenge is here: BACK TO SCHOOL

Find out more:  Back To School 


The Best (and smartest) way to start the new decade; Back to School. By the way, this Challenge is for every-body, not just students.

Starts 28th January for 3 or 4 weeks (you choose). School starts soon! 




Starts 28th January 2020. Choose your option + get ready for the Home-work 

  • Distinction  complete at least 15 RIDES in 21 days.
  • High Distinction  complete at least 20 RIDES in 28 days. 

What’s Included: 

  • You need to complete at least 15 RIDES in 21 days or 20 RIDES in 28 Days. (You choose your challenge)


  • Track your progress and goals with your own challenge tracker card as well as a leader board at each studio. Compulsory.


  • Get exclusive access to ‘Moves to Master’: A collection of fundamental moves on the bike to master each week and understand the science behind what we do. ‘Ride Geography’ if you will.  Not compulsory.


  • Receive an exclusive weekly email with recipes, motivation, recovery hints, and tips from our team etc. Each week there will be 3 x extra tasks in that email that you’ll need to complete as part of the challenge. Don’t worry, these tasks will be fun and easy to complete. Eg:  20 mins of meditation, using heavier weights in a class, trying an at-home arm workout, cooked dinner from our meal plan, …. Essentially this is your homework, and we want you to complete as many tasks as we’ve given you. Compulsory.


  • Exclusive access to an Orientation Ride, which is perfect for our new RIDERS, or those who have done less than 10 RIDES so far. We’re offering this to all of our Challengers on a 1:1 basis. This Orientation RIDE will take no more than 20 minutes and we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you, and us, to schedule these. Not compulsory.


  • Final Exam Ride: Roll call, RIDE and the instructor gives everyone a final assessment on what they can improve on and what they nailed. Compulsory.


  • End of School Report: Results from leader board and exam ride. What you’ve nailed, where you can improve, final tips or tricks. Compulsory.


  • Exclusive access to membership discount and perks at the end of the Challenge.

Yes, we do TEAM RIDES. 


We do them really well, in fact. Find out more about our Group Offers here 


We offer 2 options for you to RIDE with us as a team:

Option 1: 

If you have less than 6 friends or colleagues RIDING together, we suggest you contact us to block out some bikes in an existing/scheduled class. Depending on which class, we’ll be able to block out specific bikes for your team, and we may be able to offer you a discounted rate for the group booking. To find out more please email us at hello@bodhiandride.com.au and tell us a bit more about your team RIDE.

Option 2: 

If you have at least 6 friends or colleagues RIDING together, we suggest you contact us to organise a specific TEAM RIDE for you. It’s $200 for up to 6 people, and then $15 per person above 6. The RIDES we offer are 30 min long, so slightly shorter than our standard RIDE45 class format, but it means everybody can RIDE. To find out more please email us at hello@bodhiandride.com.au and tell us a bit more about your TEAM RIDE.

Yes, we sell Gift Cards. 


Digital gift cards. A fast way to share the Bodhi Love.


It’s as easy as 123.

Share the love of Sweat and send a gift card.