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We have a package for you.

Welcome Offer

New to Bodhi & Ride, but keen to see what all the hype is about? The Intro Offer is the best way to experience our Ride Chambers. It allows you to try 5 x RIDES within 14 days, across any of our locations!*



Congrats you’re one step closer to joining the most epic collective in Melbourne – the Bodhi Tribe!


By signing up to the intro offer, you’re entitled to 5 x RIDES within a 14 day period.


These RIDES may be a mix of level 1 and level 2 Rides, however a minimum of 2 level 1 Rides must be taken BEFORE level 2 Rides are taken. Don’t worry- by no means are level 1 easy Rides. You will sweat. You will feel the burn. The only difference? Our Instructors spend a little more time helping you set up on the bike and talking through your form and different moves.  This ensures you are familiar with the bike, the moves and can smash your rides, sweat a bucketload (and stay safe!).  Also included: cleated shoe hire, sweat towel hire and a personal tour of the studio!


The price? Well normally it’s $155, but for you, a new tribe member, this one is only $69. Enjoy!


Love it? Have we got a perk for you!

Upon completion of the Intro Offer, sign up to your first membership and receive $69 off your first month (does not apply to student membership).


Terms & Conditions:

  • You can only purchase this offer once.
  • New customers only.
  • Not transferable & non refundable.
  • This offer activates upon the booking of your first class.
  • The offer needs to be activated within 30 days of booking.
  • All classes need to be used within 14 days of your first class booked.
  • Offer available for local residents only. International guests, please book a casual class pack.

Monthly Memberships

Ready to make RIDE part of your fitness routine? To commit to improving your cardio fitness, muscle strength, stamina and general outlook on life? Then check out our memberships! Commit for 4-6 months, pay a monthly fee for a set number of rides and experience the difference!



6 Rides per month
$144 per month


8 Rides per month
$190 per month


Unlimited Rides per month
$259 per month


10 Rides per month
1 Free Ride Credit per month
50% off Rides for 3 friends per month
$169 per month

Casual Class Packs

If you can’t commit yet, our Casual Class Pass is the way to go. Use at any 3 of our convenient locations!


Single RIDE $31

One ride. Make it count! This ride can be used at Port Melbourne, CBD or South Yarra Studios.

5 RIDE Pack, $145 ($29 per Ride)

Nice move considering this pack! These 5 rides can be used at each of our locations!

10 Ride Pack $280 ($28 per ride)

A 10 pack? Damn you know what you want!  These rides can be used at each of our locations!

Student Rides

Being a student is hard, we get it. So we’ve got a price just for you! Single Ride or Membership, we’ve got your back as you hit the books.


Single Ride $25

To qualify for out Student Class Rate, you need to be a full time student at a Melbourne high school, TAFE or study an undergraduate degree at a Melbourne College or University. Our student rates do not apply to postgraduate students.

Student Membership

Students, we’ve got you. The Student Membership entitles you to 8 Rides every 28 days. Complete all 8 rides within 28 days and get a BONUS free ride. This membership allows you to ride at any of our studios.


Shorter than a semester, this membership only locks you in for 3 months. Unless notified, this membership will continue for another 9 months.



You will be billed every 28 days by direct debit. A valid Credit or debit card needs to be saved on your account. If your payment fails, your membership will automatically be suspended and all forward bookings will be cancelled. You will be charged a re-charge fee of $5 if your credit card payment fails.


Commencement Date

The membership starts on the day of purchase, not on first class booked



Excludes workshops and events held at Bodhi & Ride or at outside venues.


Suspending membership

Memberships cannot be suspended within the first 3 months.


Cancelling your membership

You may cancel your membership by emailing Please note, cancellations require 2 weeks notice via email.



This membership is non-refundable.



To claim your free RIDE, please email We will add your credit to your account.



This membership is non-transferrable.

By purchasing this membership, you agree to the conditions above.



Most months we run a special offer or challenge. This is designed to motivate you, to push you beyond your limits and to reward you for your dedication and loyalty to your health and wellbeing, and also to Bodhi & Ride!

Bodhi Tribe Challenge

15th July – 5th August

Work with your tribe. Feel the difference. Witness the change. The challenge is comprised of 12 Rides. Complete as many as your can with your tribe leader. Your tribe leader is your alliance. They will support you. They will encourage you. They will make you sweat. They will not accept your excuses. Forget the “I can’t”. Throw away the “I won’t”. This challenge will push you past your comfort zone, into GROWTH. Ride with your tribe. Tick off your tribe card. Earn 2 Free Rides + Exclusive Merch.