Introducing our latest challenge, RIDE2020.

RIDE into a new decade, and make it count!

20 Nov 2019 for 20 days.  


With an unrivalled list of inclusions to keep you motivated and inspired and serious goals to smash, this is the challenge to finish off the year, and get ready to RIDE into 2020.

With not only a New Year, but also a New Decade ahead of us,  the RIDE2020 Challenge line up will get you fit for summer!


Take it to the max by achieving your goal of 10 RIDES in 20 days.

To kick off, you are invited to an exclusive Challenge RIDE at the Emerson Club on Wednesday 20th November, where we’ll be setting up residency for 2 x days.

There will be a Body Scan at the start, and end of the Challenge, as well as a nutrition plan for 20 days. 

We include a private manifestation booth session as an optional extra  to help you set and achieve your goals, as well as an exclusive weekly motivational email. 


Get ready for  RIDE2020, and MAKE IT COUNT. 

Let’s RIDE, Bodhi Tribe!


10 RIDES across 20 days

Exclusive Invitation to Challenge Kick Off RIDE at the Emerson on 20 Nov'19

Manifestation Booth to help you set and achieve your Goals

Weekly Motivation Email

Body Scan at the start end end of your Challenge

Exclusive Post-Challenge Membership Rates


1. When does the Ride2020 Challenge begin?

The Ride2020 Challenge will take place across all 3 Bodhi & Ride studios from the 20th November and will run for 20 days, with the last day being 9th December 2019.


2. How many RIDE classes can/must I complete?

You need to complete 10 RIDES during the Challenge period.


3. Tell me about the Challenge Kick off RIDE at the Emerson.

To kick off the Ride2020 Challenge, we are inviting you to attend our exclusive Kick off Rides which will be held at the Emerson. The Emerson Club is South Yarra’s premier Night Club, where music meets celebration and life meets you. Taste the excitement of the dance floor, feel the energy from the crowd, and hear the premium sounds beneath the lighting. Get ready to express yourself, and lose yourself.

Bodhi & Ride will set up residency at the Emerson for 2 x days, which means we will re-locate our South Yarra studio to the Emerson during those two days. All classes on 20th and 21st November will be held at the Emerson instead of the Bodhi & Ride South Yarra studio.

Classes on the 20th November will be exclusively reserved for participants of the Ride2020 Challenge.


4. Can I join the Ride2020 Challenge if I’m on an existing membership? 

All memberships/packs will be paused for the duration of the Ride2020 Challenge. Once complete, your current membership/packs will resume.



5. How do I pay? Do I need to suspend my membership or will you do it?

To join our RIDE2020 Challenge, each participant must purchase the RIDE2020 Pack for $299 (presage), or $349 (full price).

Starting from 20th November, we will manually pause everyone’s memberships. We will resume these on the 10th of December (the day after the challenge ends).

This means you will not miss out on any rides, nor waste any money. It also ensures you are able to ride in the lead up to the challenge launch on 20th November, as well as straight after the challenge has finished.


6. I have a ride pack that is going to expire. What do I do?

If you have existing RIDE credits, we will extend the validity of these by 20 days.  We want to encourage you to join the challenge, not penalise you and take your paid rides away!

6. I have a ride pack that is going to expire. What do I do?

If you have existing RIDE credits, we will extend the validity of these by 20 days.  We want to encourage you to join the challenge, not penalise you and take your paid rides away!



7. I’m already on a membership. Do I still need to sign up for the Ride2020 pack?

Yes. All participants, regardless of their membership need to purchase the challenge through the Bodhi & Ride system. This ensures you have access to all aspects of the challenge. It also ensures you get a great deal!



8. So you’ll suspend my membership for 20 days. How does that work? 

That is correct. We will suspend your membership for the duration of the challenge, and will resume on 10th December.


9. What Is the Manifestation Booth? 

The Manifestation Booth will be at the Emerson on 20th November. You’ll step into a booth, and manifest your goals for the Challenge, or for the rest of your year, the next decade, or indeed your life. What is you are RIDING towards?  Look at this as taking a vow, setting an intention, and making a promise to yourself. We will film you, and (if you give us your ok), we’ll share your manifestation with the rest of the Bodhi Tribe.

Please be aware that participating in the Manifestation Booth is optional. If it’s not your thing, then you dont HAVE to participate.

If you cant’t attend the Emerson RIDES on Wed 20th November, there is no other option to participate in the Manifestation booth. It’s your one and only opportunity.


9. I’m away for some of the dates of the RIDE2020 Challenge. Can I still participate? 

We are unable to extend or change the dates of the RIDE2020 challenge. You can still participate, but please keep in mind that you need to meet the criteria of the challenge to successfully complete this Challenge, which is to complete at least 10 RIDES in 20 days.


10. What happens when I book in, but don’t show up to class? 

You’ll lose that class credit, sorry. No re-bookings and no transfers of class credits to others are possible, sorry. You need to cancel out at least 6 hours before a class starts to retain that class credit.



11. What happens if I am unable to complete the challenge due to personal issues (injury, work, family commitments etc)? 

The Ride2020 Challenge is a strictly limited offering, and we are unable to extend it in any way. We do not offer refunds in case you change your mind after purchasing it.


12. How can I organise my body scan? 

The Body scans will be provided by our resident nutritionist Shelley, who will be available to conduct your scan on selected dates before and after the challenge. Online bookings will be made available to everybody who signs up for the RIDE2020 Challenge.


13. What are the weekly motivational emails? 

When you sign up for the RIDE2020 Challenge, you will receive a weekly motivational email which is exclusive to Challenge participants only.


More questions? 

Please email us at community@bodhiandride.com.au