It’s good to be connected to RMIT!

We’ve been sitting on this for a while, but the secret is out! We’ve partnered with RMIT University and RMIT Sport to bring their students deals that are FIRE.

Why did we partner with RMIT? We understand how stressful it is to be a student. The readings, the assignments, the dreaded group projects. It can easily build up and take a toll on you. That’s why we’ve joined forces to help you de-stress, refresh and refocus. 

It’s time to stop, put down the textbook and turn your phone off. Step into our Ride Chamber, close your eyes and breathe. Set an intention for the RIDE ahead, come together as a tribe and surpass your perceived limitations.

All you have to do is believe in yourself. We’ve got you. And we’ve got some pretty amazing deals. Check them out!


To kick off this collab, we are holding TWO FREE PRIVATE RIDES. 

To ride for FREE on the 2nd of August at 4pm click here.
To ride for FREE on the 5th of August at 2pm click here.
Registration opens at 9am, the 1st of August, 2019.


Here’s our BEST DEAL EVER.

The RMIT WELCOME OFFER. This entitles you to 5 Rides for just $10 (insane right?). Together we want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. To try something new and to challenge your body and mind. And with such a great deal, stepping out of your comfort zone was never easier! 

We have also developed an RMIT Student Membership. This membership entitles individuals to 8 rides a month, plus a bonus ride for $80. This membership is a 3 month membership, meaning you will be charged $80 every 28 days for 3 months. After the third month, the membership will revert to the normal membership reship fee of $160 per month. Our Membership Offer is insanely cheap (half price), so we’ve had to cap it.

The take-away? Get in quick before it fills up!

The bottom line? We want you to be all you can be. At Bodhi & Ride, we welcome everyone. As a community you will be supported and encouraged to push past your perceived limitations and discover the power within you. As you RIDE, you will feel free. Free from stress, free from judgement, free to be who you are. 

To learn more, visit our booth at Orientation Day (August 1st, 12pm-4pm, RMIT University).
To sign up for these offers please email your interest & your student number to  community@bodhiandride.com.au. We will guide you from there!

These offers are available for a limited period so, sign up. De-stress. Refresh. Refocus. 


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