Bodhi & Ride COVID Safety Plan

We’ve always been dedicated to the health and safety of our community, but we’re making your RIDE Chambers safer than ever.

As we get green-lights from state government officials, we are working hard to ensure we can safely re-open our studios. You’ll notice changes when you get back in your studio: every one of them designed to keep you, your fellow riders, staff, and instructors safe, while staying true to the Bodhi & Ride you know and love.

We are delighted to share with you every detail of  our Bodhi & Ride Standard of Safety.

Studio Re-Open Operations

Nov 9, 2020 is when we throw the doors open, crank up the volume and continue with our mission of community at Bodhi & Ride.


  • Due to Government regulations, class sizes will be limited to 10 RIDERS + max 2 instructors. This means that we can only welcome-back our existing membership and class pack holders who were RIDING with us before lock-down started. If you are new to Bodhi & Ride, please email us at home@bodhiandride.com.au and we will place you on the waiting list.


  • For the first few weeks after Re-Opening, we can not accept walk-in’s and all bookings have to be made online. No booking, no studio entry. All booked RIDERS will be contacted by our team prior to arrival at the studio for a health check. This will be done via an online form we’ll share with you.


  • We will also make changes to our class cancellation policy due to the reduced capacity, and we will not run classes unless there are at least 5 RIDERS booked in.


  • We will also increase the class cancellation to 12 hours, so you must log into your account, and cancel out of a class at least 12 hours prior to the class starting. A late cancel fee of $20 will strictly be applied for any no-shows or late cancellations.


  • Upon arrival at the studio, we will ask you to use hand steriliser and proceed to your bike. After class, please leave the studios as swiftly as possible. Showers are not available initially, but WC’s will of course be.


  • Please bring your own sweat towel to each class. We will continue to sell water, but no cash payments can be accepted.

Safety Standards Include

All staff have completed the COVID Infection Control training by the Dep. of Health

Deep-cleaning procedures with top grade disinfectant before/after each class

Staff health checks before every shift

Hand sanitiser available in all studios

Floor markers indicating safe distances in high traffic areas

Bikes spaced out to ensure social distancing

Pre-arrival health checks of RIDERS in all studios

All bikes and equipment disinfected after each class

Gloves worn by staff before/after class

Face masks before/after class are mandatory.

High touch amenities temporarily removed but available on request

No shower access is possible, but WC's will be available

Contactless payments only.

Your Questions Answered

What are the hours of operation on re-opening?

Our studios will only be open when classes are running.


How many members are allowed in a studio at the same time?

We will be limiting the number of members in the studio at any given time. A maximum of 20 people can be on-site any one time, with class numbers limited to 10 members + 2 instructors.


What amenities are not available yet?

We are opening up the amenities in phases.
PHASE 1: We will not allow showering. However, change rooms, restrooms, lockers and water fountains may be used.
PHASE 2: tbc – we are waiting on Government guidance on this.


Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

The Health Department recommends the use of face masks while at the gym but does not encourage wearing a mask while working out. If you want to wear a mast, please wear one on arrival and upon leaving the studio, but we highly recommend you do not wear a mask during a RIDE class.


What are your social distancing guidelines while in the studio?

We are asking all members to maintain a 1.5m distance between themselves and others in the club. Bodhi and Ride has implemented procedures to help ensure these distancing guidelines are respected including visual reminders, area closures and staff to monitor and enforce these rules.


What else is Bodhi & Ride doing to keep the studios clean?

Bodhi & Ride is requesting that all members disinfect equipment before use and is providing extra sanitising wipes and hand sanitiser. We will have Bodhi & Ride staff cleaning all open areas of the studio throughout every day and doing a deep clean at the end of every shift.

How can I book a class?

Only those with memberships and active class packs will be allowed. No other guest passes are allowed at this time.


When are you going to start charging my monthly fees?

That will depend on whether you have a current Bodhi at Home membership, and/or one of our bikes at home. WE will contact each and everyone with a membership or active class pack to discuss your options.


When will I be able to book into a classes on the app or website?

We are opening up the amenities in phases. As all memberships and class packs will remain frozen until 22 June, you will not be able to pre-book classes via our booking system. We may need to book you in manually until our booking system is available again. We will be in touch.

The booking system will be available on 22 June, so bookings can be made from that day onwards for sure.


Is it required to book gym time, and classes in order to attend?

Booking into classes on the app is 100% required. We will be limiting the number of people in our studio and during each class, and reserving your spot is the best way to ensure you can get your class in at your desired time.


How many people will be allowed in the RIDE chamber and the studios?

We will be limiting the amount of people in the RIDE Chamber based on square footage and current social distance guidelines, as well as Government regulations. Initially there will be no more than 10 RIDERS allowed in a class, and a maximum of 20 people on-site at any given time. We will let you know once this changes.