Bodhi & Ride Tribe Challenge

Work with your tribe. Witness the difference. Feel the change.

12 Rides, complete as many as your can with your Tribe Leader. Your Leader is your alliance – supporting and encouraging you, they will make you sweat and they will not accept excuses. Forget the “I can’t” and throw away the “I won’t”, this challenge pushes you past your comfort zone into GROWTH. Ride with your tribe. Tick off your tribe card, earn 2 FREE Rides + exclusive merchandise.


Free towels throughout the challenge

Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable

Private chat (AKA CHEER SQUAD)

Social events organised by your Tribe Leader

Exclusive Merchandise

Designed by you, sign up and select your Tribe Leader who will transform you into a Ride Warrior. Your Leader motivates you during the week and holds you accountable with routine check-ins. Social events run by your Leader will give you the opportunity to meet and connect with like minded individuals who will support you and encourage you throughout the challenge.

Option 1

Purchase 12 Rides for $219 (Student Price $119).

Option 2

Use your current Unlimited Membership and pay $30 for your limited edition tribe pack.

Option 3

Use your current membership, pay $15 for top up RIDES, and pay $30 for your limited edition tribe pack.


1. Who are the Tribe Leaders?



2. Can I go to other people’s classes?

Of course! We encourage you to go to your Tribe Leader’s Rides, but understand this is not always possible.


3. I already have a membership. How can I sign up?

Please email jessica@bodhiandride.com.au, she’ll get you sorted and ready to RIDE.

4. What is the Tribe Pack?

The Tribe Pack is your limited edition merchandise pack. It is designed to enhance your experience in the challenge! If you are already a member, contact jessica@bodhiandride.com.au and she will add it to your account!


5. Can I do this over a longer period?

Away? Can’t fit it all in? Contact jessica@bodhiandride.com.au and we’ll do our best to accomodate you on your journey to becoming a ride warrior.