Fresh Routines to get You and Your Family out of a Rut

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Are you feeling sick and tired of your exercise routine? The keep to exercise is keeping it fresh and exciting, so that you’re excited to workout rather than dreading it. Here are some tips on how to vamp up your fitness routine, to get you and your family to have fun while getting fit!

Switch Things Up Regularly

Finally, if you get bored with your fitness routine – simply change it! It’s as simple as that. Not only will you keep your body on it’s toes, but you’ll also develop all different kinds of physical skills. Michaela Fellner shares what she does:

“I changed up my fitness routine after years of wasting time in gyms I never attended but still paid for. My preference now is to do something new every 3 months. I sign up to a 3 month membership at boutique fitness studios who ‘specialise’ in a certain form of exercise eg spinning: I attend Bodhi & Ride studio who offer spinning classes that feel more like a night out in a club than a boring cardio workout, I mix that up with yin yoga to stretch out.”

Check out Bodhi & Ride to add something new to your fitness regime! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well!

So if your fitness regime is making you moan and grown – switch things up. It’s just so important for your health and wellbeing that you be happy with whatever you’re doing to keep yourself in shape. If you love dancing, do that! It’s also important that you sneak exercise into your kids schedule as it can help them do better at school, combat anxiety and generally feel happier. If you’re finding it hard to get inspired, check out 8 fit & fabulous Aussie mums, to see how they keep in shape despite a hectic schedule!

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