Introducing our latest challenge, Sweatfest 2019.
With playlists to move to, choreo to dance to and goals to smash, this is the challenge of the year. Complete with a dope mini-challenge line up to get you fit for summer!

Take it to the max with Unlimited Rides* (1 a day max) and enjoy exclusive merch and special rides ! We include private power chats to help you achieve your goals, check ins to keep you accountable.


Want to take it to the next level? We’ve partnered with We Feed You to give you 10% of any orders. We Feed You is a local company providing evidence based nutrition to fuel your lifestyle!


Get ready for  max sweat, max endurance and max growth

Let’s SWEAT. 


* Maximum of 1 RIDE per day possible. $10 no show fee when you book in but dont show for a class.

*max 1 class per day

The Line Up:

1 x Ride per day throughout the Challenge

Exclusive Challenge Rides

Limited Edition Merchandise

Check-in's To Keep You Accountable

Private Chats.

Optional Add On: Discounted Meals from We Feed You

Post-Challenge Membership Rates


1. When does the Sweatfest Challenge begin?

The Sweatfest 2019 will take place across all 3 Bodhi & Ride studios from the 16th of  September and will run until the 14th of October, 2019.


2. How many RIDE classes can/must I complete?

You set the number of rides you must complete (min 12, max 29). You must complete all challenges noted in the challenge line up.

3. What are the Sweatfest criteria?

RIDE 3 days in a row
RIDE in the front row
ATTEND 1 AM Class Mon-Fri each week
ATTEND 2 Exclusive Regular Rides
ATTEND 1 Exclusive MAX Ride
CHECK OUT 3 different Instructors’ Classes
DRINK 2L of water 4 days in a row
RIDE 2 weekend classes
INCREASE your weights by 0.5kg
ENDURE an entire class up (do not sit down unless instructed to)
POST a pic at SWEATFEST 2019

4. Can I join the Sweatfest if I’m on an existing membership? 

All memberships/packs will be paused for the duration of the Sweatfest. Once complete, your current membership/packs will resume.



5. How do I pay? Do I need to suspend my membership or will you do it?

To join SWEATFEST 2019, each participant must purchase the VIP ACCESS TICKET for $239. On Sunday night, your customer care team will manually pause everyone’s memberships. We will resume these on the 17th of October (the day after the challenge ends). This means you will not miss out on any rides, nor waste any money. It also ensures you are able to ride in the lead up to the challenge launch on Monday the 16th of September.

6. I have a ride pack that is going to expire. What do I do?

This Sunday night, our customer care team will push the expiry date to ensure you do not miss out on any rides that you have paid for. We want to encourage you to join the challenge, not penalise you and take your paid rides away!



7. I’m already on an unlimited membership. Do I still need to sign up?

All participants, regardless of their membership need to purchase the challenge through the pricing page. This ensures you have access to all aspects of the challenge. It also ensures you get a great deal!



8. So you’ll suspend my account for a month. What happens to that month?

That is correct. We will suspend your account for the duration of the challenge. We will resume your account on the 17th of October. This means if you are on a 6 month commitment, your membership will pick up where it left off and will run its course as per usual.

8. What are the Exclusive Challenge Rides? 

Throughout the challenge Exclusive Challenge Rides will be held at each studio. These rides will be blocked out for Challenge Riders only. This ride will be designed for you. From music to decorations to special choero, expect to sweat, to laugh and to enjoy SWEATFEST in all of it’s glory.

9. I’m away for some of the dates of the Sweatfest. Can I still participate? 

We are unable to extend or change the dates of the Sweatfest. You can still participate, but please keep in mind that you need to meet the criteria of the Sweatfest to successfully complete this Challenge.

10. What happens when I book in, but don’t show up to class? 

You can only book a maximum of 1 RIDE per day possible. $10 no show fee when you book in but dont show for a class.

11. More questions? 

Please email us at community@bodhiandride.com.au